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This process of herbal steaming and douching is purposed with supporting the outer life organs (vagina, vulva, labia, and clitoris) of the feminine body, lovingly known as the “Yoni”. Herbs such as damiana, red clover, and lavender help strengthen and tone the tissues. Infused oils in the blend promote a strong, healthy, happy, and BALANCED yoni that rewards you with extra sensitivity, increased lubrication, and extra pleasure. This system also includes the Perfect Poonani Wash for cleansing, used to cleanse the outer areas of the Yoni and Poonani Poppers, which can be used for a quick restoration and refreshing of the internal Yoni environment.

Poonani Protector Process

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  • Please note that these are products made from RAW materials that include but are not limited to Flowers, leaves, roots, stems, and ground powders. The appearance of the products specifically the tinctures may be of the normal aesthetic and will range from browns to orange in color. Please do not be alarmed. You may also find some of these raw materials in your product I assure you that it is perfectly safe and healthy. Please remember to shake all bottles before user as some ingredients may settle to the bottom. Please do a patch test with any skin products before applying generously to the face or body.


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